Behind The Cocktail

“Each cocktail tells a story about the 1920’s Prohibition Era, how we were inspired to craft the cocktail, and a hint of what’s to come in yours”

Daisy’s Garden

Daisy Buchanan, a beautiful woman who is still madly in love with Gatsby despite being remarried. She is concerned with many things in life, but two things take priority over everything for her. Her social status and most importantly, her garden. The same garden where Gatsby and Daisy shared their first kiss. Every morning, she waters her vibrant oasis of a garden where flowers bloom and blossom from every direction, but she pays special attention to her Lavender flowers. Here, we create you an unforgettable cocktail inspired straight from the lush garden of Mrs. Buchanan. Aromatic Lavender, Sweet honey and a foam just as smooth and cloudy as the sky above her garden.

Capablanca’s Checkmate

Also known as the 1920’s most intelligent and strategic chess player, Jose Raul Capablanca was the world chess champion from 1921 – 1927, smack in the prime of the Prohibition Era. From Havana Cuba, Capablanca was fond of sipping his rum during his historical chess games. Before his chess matches? A fresh fruit breakfast of champions consisting primarily of fresh coconut, kiwi, and other fruits native to Cuba. He was more than just a renowned chess player. Capablanca’s strategic skills were so respected that the presidents’ army generals frequently consulted him for army combat plans because of how tactical he was. A cultural icon in Cuba and Latin America, the “Cuban Lion” has inspired us to create you a knockout cocktail checkmate with his favorite refreshments.

Jan. 17, 1920

The day where everything went underground. The gavel bangs on the judge’s desk and just like that, it is PROHIBITED to sell alcohol in any way, shape, or form. The biggest upset in economic history. Although this was the day the law was passed to ban alcohol, it didn’t stop people from living their best rebellious life. As a result, speakeasies were born and the best cocktails known to man were perfected. Barreled whiskey was stored in the safest places and people got real “peachy” and crafty about finding ways to scoff down drinks despite their illegal title. Tonight, be just as rebellious as those that repealed against the dreadful Prohibition Law passed on January 17th, 1920. Sip your whiskey, cheers loud, and get wild while the sale and consumption of alcohol is prohibited!

Treasure Island

This cocktail, inspired by the famous novel and award-winning 1920’s film, Treasure Island seeks to bring you the long-lost and hunted treasure that the crew set out to find on the island. Is the treasure Gold? Money? Alcohol? Or is the treasure in the chest a perfectly crafted and balanced Island rum cocktail dug up from beneath the sand on Treasure Island?

Gatsby’s Coffee

Every morning, Mr. Gatsby wakes up with a sense of purpose and determination that fuels his relentless pursuit of wealth, success, and ultimately, the love of his life Daisy Buchanan. After waking, Mr. Gatsby likes to read his morning newspaper with his Whiskey-spiked coffee, waiting for the day to unfold. Do you like your morning coffee like how Gatsby likes it?

Señor’s Godfather

Prohibition is in full effect. People are dying to grab a drink but all across America, the bars are shut down from the new Prohibition Law. “Los Tequileros” were smugglers of Tequila into the United States since no other alcohol was being produced. The Patron, Hector, was known as the Señor’s Godfather. His presence fills the room, and his words are measured, spoken with a soft yet commanding voice that brooks no disobedience. Dressed in his traditional Charro and Sombrero and revolver pistols armed by the hips, this señor draws all attention towards him. His gentleman’s bowtie and sharp turquoise eyes remind people that he means business and is not somebody to be messed with. He is the king of Mexico who so happens to be serving the best tequila cocktails the 20’s have to offer. Travel south or wait for him underground to get a taste of it yourself.

Old Jazz Record

New York, 1920. Jazz has never been more popular. The Roaring Twenties saw the emergence of jazz, a revolutionary genre of music defined by its syncopated rhythms, improvisation, and infectious energy that captured the spirit of the era with its vibrant and exuberant melodies. Whether it be sipping a smooth stiff cocktail by the fireplace or at an extravagant party, the Old Jazz vinyl on the record always seemed to be the main feature of any mood.

Mobsters Roulette

Enter the Roaring 20’s. Drinks were always flowing, gals and gents always dancing, and Speakeasies were packed…but so were casinos. Underground casinos were often a part of speakeasies. Blackjack and poker were popular but Roulette was usually the go-to choice, especially amongst the mobsters. The thrill of winning or losing money while the ball jumps over the colors and numbers. The high-profile bosses who ran the underground casinos sat quietly in the king chairs with their classy cocktails, smoking luxurious cigars, suited up while others would drink and gamble away at their establishment. Will it land on black or red? What if it lands on both in the perfectly paired and balanced cocktail? In that case, you’ve really won the jackpot.

Sinatra’s Black Tuxedo

A signature part of his iconic style and image, international legend Frank Sinatra was always known for wearing a charcoal black tuxedo at his shows and performances, becoming synonymous with elegance and sophistication. Sinatra remains to this day the most well-recognized jazz legend, capturing the hearts of all when those would indulge in his music. Jazz just wouldn’t be jazz without Sinatra coming on stage with a gin cocktail in his sharp black tuxedo, ready to stun the crowd. Imagine what it would be like to step back in time to witness that at your table first hand…

Tweety Bird

One of the first cartoons in the black & white film age. The bright yellow bird in his cage is an inspiration to kids but can also teach us adults a valuable lesson, that life can be sweet but also sour, at times. If the two are well balanced, it creates something to remember. That should remind you of this cocktail perfected after the little bird.

Gal’s Night Out

Girls have always known to be rebellious, but not many were famed for it except in the 1920’s. “Flappers” were the title given to young women who rebelled against their husbands’ wishes and created the image of a more rebellious and independent lifestyle for women. Flappers were seen as symbols of female empowerment and often engaged in the same activities as men such as smoking and driving automobiles. They were badasses. They challenged the societal expectations of women, seeking fulfillment and excitement beyond the confines of their home. They were known for their mischievous “Gal’s Nights Out” as they prepared themselves to create a reputation with their dark cherry lipstick, sweet-smelling perfume, flashy pearls, blossoming feathers and masquerade masks as they bounced from one illicit speakeasy to another, enjoying drinks, fast-paced jazz music, and dancing. These bold women embodied the spirit of the roaring 20’s, a decade of change and cultural revolution. Sounds like the perfect night out that a gal ought to have. Follow in their footsteps?

Bonnie & Clyde

The notorious American criminal power couple who operated during the Prohibition Era, Bonnie Parker & Clyde Barrow were known for their bank robberies, burglaries, and murders. They gained fame for their ability to elude capture and for their romanticized image as outlawed lovers. They tore across the country in their infamous 1934 Ford Model 40-B creating one tale after another. This cocktail is crafted after the two, with wine being Bonnie’s drink of choice and Rye Whiskey being Clyde’s, our mixologists pair the two spirits together in their getaway car. As legend has it, after their mischievous robberies and acts of crime, they would bond together by having campfires, hence the toasted marshmallow. Join them at the campfire and make a toast to their biggest robbery yet.

Diamond Dust

This brilliant cocktail inspired by the 1920 film “The Empire of Diamonds” – Matthew Versigny discovers that the jewels his diamond company has been buying are fake, turning his reputation from a popular jeweler to the “Diamond Dust” jeweler. In a mission to track down his counterfeit supplier, he learns that the imitation diamonds he is selling have a much, much bigger story behind it. From his mansion veranda, Matthew fancied Gin, bubbly champagne, and luxurious French liqueurs. In our cocktail Diamond Dust, we create a masterpiece with what we imagined his perfect blend would be, except there is no shortage of diamonds here.

Moonlight in Vermont

To this day, Moonlight in Vermont remains arguably one of the most popular jazz songs of all time. Originally written in the early 1900’s by a fellow by the name of Ethan, the song was aimed towards describing a love one can only dream of. He set up his saxophone near a rustic wooden bridge, beneath the luminescent moon, and started playing the magical tune which we know today. Remastered by the Jazz world’s biggest names like Frank Sinatra, Louis Armstrong, Ella Fitzgerald and others. Ethan composed a new melody inspired by his love journey with a woman named Lily, ensuring that his song would forever live on through music. Fast forward more than 100 years and Moonlight in Vermont still depicts a love story which we can only hope to experience at least once ourselves. Creamy personalities, delicate yet charismatic spice, and the perfect hint of sweetness is what we all dream of in an ideal relationship, and even more so in a cocktail. Luckily you get to fall in love with our flawless concoction.

John Dillinger’s Heist

Also known as one of the most infamous bank robbers during the Prohibition Era, John Dillinger thrived on high-raid bank robberies, looting abundant amounts of gold coins and bars in his loot sacks. It is estimated that Mr. Dillinger stole millions of dollars in Gold and other currency. Have a sip from his loot and taste the flakes of gold which remain behind his heists.

Speakeasy Keymaster

William “Big Bill” Thompson A.K.A the most corrupt mayor of Chicago in the 1920’s not only knew about Al Capone’s illegal speakeasy operations, but also had the keys to many of them. He was bought out with lavish bribes and also earned the nickname of “Speakeasy Keymaster” from the Prohibition Era Mob. He sat high within the mob’s payroll, feeling like a king with a crown. Considered a ballsy individual with a spicy character, mixing bitter blood with his work. Like his boldness, we create an exquisite cocktail combining tequila, matcha, and hot chili spice, all combined into one to match this dirty mayor’s personality.

The Invitation

It’s 7 pm on a Friday night and the phone rings. It’s none other than Mr. Gatsby calling to personally invite you to his lavish party. Gatsby’s invitations are not a mere piece of paper, but rather intricate works of art, carefully designed to reflect the grandeur and allure of his infamous parties. In his ballroom, his bright red curtains with frothy white overtones inspired us to create this cocktail. Have a sip, sit back, and indulge in your welcoming to the party.